Song #09 - Week of March 1st - 7th, 2011

"Left Turn At Albequerque"

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"Left Turn At Albequerque" - Song 09 - MP3 File

"Left Turn At Albequerque"

Length: 2:14

Track count: 4 Tracks

Instrumentation: Ableton Live, Laptop.

Original concept: I originally had an entire concept, "The Radio In My Brain," worked up for this week, including basic tracks, tons of field recording, the whole nine yards - but I ditched it at the last minute in favor of another song, based on some synthesizer recordings I'd made in the pit at the Keller.

That second song, in turn, became something I wanted to submit to a client for an upcoming project. So that concept also went somewhere else.

So, in the spirit of Bugs Bunny, I'm taking a "Left Turn At Albequerque," and this third tune is the result - made down and dirty, using only the built-in instruments and effects in Ableton Live. I played the parts in as I recorded, using the computer keyboard of my laptop. It took me about an hour.

And yeah, I had a whole long-winded diary detailing this entire lengthy process of thinking, recording, editing, and bait and switch. But, in the spirit of this stripped-down little tune, I am deleting all that verbiage and keeping things very, very simple. Because sometimes, you just have to.

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