Song 12 - March 21-28, 2011

"Squid Salad"

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"Squid Salad" Song 12 - MP3 File

"Squid Salad" Length: 2:15

Track count: 9 Tracks

Instrumentation: Korg Radias, Ableton Live, field recordings, Rogue electric sitar

Original concept: "Squid Salad" was just something funny that came up when we were goofing around last weekend at the beach - although my new favorite Japanese restaurant in Portland does have what is essentially a squid salad, and it's amazing. (And I am NOT telling you what the restaurant is, because it's going to get too damn popular for us to get a table there any more if I start blabbing about it to all and sundry! So never you mind.)

Squid Salad. I just like the way the words sound together. So I am going to try and make a sound that's kind of rubbery, chewy, sinuous and fun. That's it!

I don't have a process diary for this week, since I worked on this song on and off all week during production for a video game I'm working on - in fact, it was a discarded take for music for the game. But I can tell you that it's been recorded using the Korg Radias, Ableton Live, some samples of me walking on shells, seaweed and rocks during low tide at Netarts, and my Rogue electric sitar. That's it!

Rogue electric sitar.

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