Song 20 - May 16 - May 23, 2011

"Gecko Bark - Kauai"

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"Gecko Bark - Kauai" - song #20 - MP3 file

"Gecko Bark - Kauai"

Length: 2:12

Track count: 1 Stereo track

Field Recording

I am late posting this, but this recording was indeed made during the week of May 16 - 23rd. We were on the island of Kaui, and I made field recordings every single day we were there.

The next song will be made up entirely of material pulled from those field recordings - birds, ocean, wind, rain, airport sounds, recordings of musical instruments I found at a gift shoppe - and samples of the ukelele and tambourine I got at a thrift store on the island for $7.

But today's offering is my pride and joy from a week of field recording - a gecko barking! (Yes, they bark! I checked.) These little guys would wait until I gave up and turned the recorder off, then bark - and then be silent when I scrambled to turn the thing back on. CUTE! And a little frustrating, I will admit.

But on our last night on the island, with mere minutes of recording time remaining on the field recorder, I finally captured the sound of one of our little green friends barking merrily into the night. You'll hear her about 10 seconds in. She is backed up by a particularly melodious cricket, who fills out the remaining 2 minutes of the track. This recording was made around 4am out the window of the Fern Grotto Inn, near the Wailua River on Kauai.


Gecko friend

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