Song 21 - May 23 - 30, 2011


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"Blooms" - song #21 - MP3 file


Length: 5:00

Track count: 1 Stereo track (rehearsal recording of me playing iPod touch, MicroKorg, Kaoss 2 and Fender Stratocaster live.)

Late again! I have been playing catch-up all week. But working like mad.

This week's offering is a rehearsal recording of me playing around with some ideas in my basement studio. I'm using the music program Bloom on the iPod touch and playing along on the MicroKorg and Fender Strat, trapping phrases using the Kaoss 2 pad. I recorded the whole thing using my little field recorder. The occasional click you hear is me hitting the guitar volume pedal with my foot. This is one single pass, live and unedited.

Next week I will be putting up my song made from field recordings from Kauai, but I didn't have time to finish it this week!

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