Song 22 - May 30 - June 6, 2011

"I Do Remember It"

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"I Do Remember It" - song #22 - MP3 file

"I Do Remember It"

Length: 7:36

Track count: 18 Tracks

Instrumentation: Digital Performer, Reason (Thor Synthesizer), Piano, Korg Radias, MicroKorg, Stratocaster, EBow, Hardwire DL8 delay pedal, Rat, Vox amp, Morely volume pedal.

This is an early version of music I'm working on for choreographer Carla Mann's upcoming piece for the Northwest Dance Project. I was called in at the 11th hour to replace the music she'd been working with, so we crammed a month's work of collaborating into a few days. We have worked together for over ten years now, so luckily we have a great creative basis and friendship to draw from. She is an amazing movement artist who also has an incredibly musical ear, so the work is always a pleasure.

This piece was my first attempt at music for the dance. Due to the tight timeline, I worked only to a rehearsal video, and didn't get the usual luxury of being in the room with the dancers and the music. Carla did that part for me, ran over with a new video and a wealth of excellent notes along with her "mashup" edit of what might be a better arrangement for the music, and the piece, for me, became something else entirely. But the genesis of it is the music you're hearing today, and I liked this original work enough to make it into this week's song.

The music attempts to capture something not really a dream, more of a reverie. Things recalled, bittersweet. Some regrets, some beauty, joy and sorrow. A quiet contemplation with a little pain. It travels to some different quiet corners, and then it's time to move on.

Thanks for listening!

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