Song 24, June 13 - 20, 2011


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"Housework" - song #24 - MP3 file


Length: 1:47

Track count: 6 tracks

Field recordings of toilet brush, water in sink and steel measuring cup with water, compiled in Ableton Live.

This song is made up of material I recorded in my bathroom and kitchen last year. It's mostly just recordings of cleaning up around the house. Housework. "Women's work."

I was remembering when I used to clean other people's houses for a living, and I'd be on my knees scrubbing toilets or something, and the sound would make this weird feedback loop in my head and I would go into a sort of trance. Probably being tired and having two or three menial-labor jobs at any given time contributed to the hypnotic effect.

Nothing fancy this week, just a study toward a piece, or series, that I am planning based entirely on the sounds generated by women doing domestic chores.


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