Song 25, June 20 - 27, 2011


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"69 Rekkids" - song #25 - MP3 file

"69 Rekkids"

Length: 2:40

Track count: 7 tracks

Samples of an airhose swing, severely altered, and samples of LP surface noise and snippets of audio from the following songs:

  • Jimi Hendrix ("If 6 Was 9")
  • Moody Blues ("Go Now")
  • Pink Floyd - spoken word snippets from "Alternate Side Of The Moon" (rough mixes of "Dark Side of the Moon")
  • Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder - "I FeelLove" Mega-Mix

  • I loved the surface noise on a Pink Floyd bootleg I bought recently at the Record Room - curse you and your alluring yet expensive vinyl, Record Room! - and also loved the extended repeated snippets of spoken word at the end. Yes, it was also great to hear rough mixes of one of my favorite LPs. (I'm an old hippie, so sue me.)

    I made some rhythm tracks out of the surface noise, clicks and pops, using Live's warp markers and some timed delays, and layered in samples from a few other songs I selected somewhat at random. The intro to "If 6 Was 9" was particularly helpful, and reminded me so much of stealing my big brother's Hendrix and Zappa records when I was 11 or 12 years old. Good times, man.


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