Song 26, June 27 - July 4, 2011

"Plan 13 From Inner Space"

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""Plan 13 From Inner Space"" - song #26 - MP3 file

"Plan 13 From Inner Space"

Length: 3:24

Track count: 6 tracks

Instrumentation: Ableton Live, Korg Radias, Reason Thor Synth.

I have been lucky enough to be asked to participate in one of Film Muzik's projects for this year. Galen Huckins of Film Muzik now has a residency at Hollywood Theater to produce several films - the basic concept is taking an old movie, stripping out the soundtrack, and recreating the entire soundtrack live. The dialog is usually performed verbatim - or close to it - by live actors, but the music and sound effects are generally completely re-done and re-imagined.

I did the entire SFX and Foley track for the Film Muzik production of Ed Wood's redoubtable "Plan 9 From Outer Space" a couple of years ago, so was excited to be asked to work on another film at the end of this summer, this time as a composer. (Although to me, SFX and music are pretty much the same - but I digress)

This week's song is a study for outer space/sci fi film music with this future project in mind - droney, atmospheric, and a little bit creepy. I have been playing with some of these sounds for a couple of years, and worked up a version of this a week or so ago and performed it live for Pipes & Barrels festival. I had planned to re-create that live performance "on tape" for this week's song, taking my Live performance session and recording the layered EBow/guitar parts I played live at the show, but I ended up taking another path. I completely re-recorded all the synth parts, layering in a ton of drones and subliminal synth touches, and didn't end up recording any guitar at all.

I still have a couple other versions of this in my head, and may end up doing one of them for next week's song. You never know with me!


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