Song 27, July 4 - 11, 2011

"Lay It Down Now"

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"Lay It Down Now" - song #27 - MP3 file

"Lay It Down Now"

Length: 4:28

Track count: 12 tracks

Instrumentation: Ableton Live, Voice, Percussion synths, electric wooden banjo, acoustic guitar

I have about a dozen concepts and half-finished songs in the 365.52.12 project folder, and was going to pick one and go with it, but then I decided to do something else. The plan so far is that I'm going to lay down a track or two every time I can when I sit down in the studio, and furthermore use no synths - only voice and acoustic instruments, used out of context.

Not original, but I recorded a quick set of percussive vocal sounds - kick, snare, hat, toms, etc - with my voice right into laptop's built-in mic, and pitched and trimmed them in Peak before importing them into Live's drum machine to lay down the rhythm track.

I'm working on a version of "Listening Wind" by Talking Heads for our 80s cover night next week, to play with Myshkin, and the snare sound I made vocally sounds a bit like the side stick (or similar) sound the Heads use on their version, so I am going to split off this session into a rhythm bed for that project as well.

Hmm, how about slide banjo? Well, banjo anyway. Played a line in, effects added, let that go 16 bars, then pitched it down an octave and now it's a baseline! Played a strum part over it. Building piece by piece.

End of the week. 5 banjo tracks, 4 percussion tracks and two acoustic guitar tracks in now, and I think I will stop. I could layer for another week, easy - but I'm calling it.

I had originally envisioned this completely differently, but once the thing started going in a certain direction, I followed it. It is not all acoustic, but I did take the banjo out of context, a little. And the song takes a complete left turn at 2:48, and becomes something else entirely. But I like that. You really don't see/hear it coming.

Also? The "Listening Wind" arrangement for next weeks' show will probably not use any of these sounds or motifs, we're going another direction on that, too. I love shifting gears! Hope you do too.


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