Song 33, August 15 - 22, 2011

"Gone Awry"

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"Gone Awry" - song #33 - MP3 file

"Gone Awry"

Length: 1:22

Track count: 12 tracks

Instrumentation: Mac text-to-speech voices, voice, Metasynth, vintage mic.

Well, THIS is clearly an experiment gone awry. Actually, not really - I kind of like it. But a big underlying part of this week's song are various mutations, mostly via Live's time stretching, of me saying "clearly, an experiment gone awry." The phrase becomes more and more audible in its mutated form and emerges intact at the end, topped off by a little purely digitally generated sound I made in Metasynth.

I recorded my voice parts through a vintage microphone that I got at a yard sale at Evergreen State College in the 70s and have just now found a cable for. Hey, I got around to it eventually!

Most of the other sounds in this song were generated by making my Mac's text-to-speech feature "say" various series of piled up and repeated consonants and vowels. Doing that creates some interesting rhythms, and timing them to rough bar lengths in Peak and putting them into Live to further beat slice made some fun patterns.

It's a strange little experiment, but I like it.

Thanks for listening - Enjoy!

Here is the vintage mic, tastefully set off by "Squirrel In Canoe."

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