Song 34, August 22 - 29, 2011

"One Shot"

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"One Shot" - song #34 - MP3 file

"One Shot"

Length: 2:06

Track count: 10 tracks

Instrumentation: Big Letter-Holding Spring, Thunder Drum spring, Vietnamese Jaw Harp, Frog Scraper, Piece of sheet metal, Latin Percussion drum machine, Whistling, dropping things, Sally in the booth nudging bells.

Ho-Lee-COW, y'all. I have been busier'n a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, trying to get the Electrogals festival line-up dialed in, doing interviews and PR, and also building a new studio set-up for my upcoming Filmusik project, "The Evil Brain From Outer Space." And I even got this week's song pretty much underway. And then I didn't.

What happened was this. I was boxing up some stuff to take out and sell - summer is an oddly lean time for composers, and I am, how you say, broke. And I pulled this vintage kitschy letter holder I'd gotten a few years ago at Goodwill off the shelf to toss into a box for ReRun. And I idly strummed it, and lo, I was amazed. And into the studio it went. Reprieve!

So this weeks song is played entirely on different kinds of springs. The letter holder got a contact mic slapped onto it, and the thunder drum - essentially a cardboard tube with a skin covering one end that has a long spring attached to the center of it - got recorded too.

I used a Latin Percussion drum machine, and partway through the song replaced all the sounds in it with the spring sounds. Also played a jaw harp and did some wacky pitch and time tricks.

The title is a nod to the Frank Zappa song, "It Just Might Be A One Shot Deal," which features a bedspring solo. It was one of my first introductions to musicians using household objects to make music, and I will never forget it. That album, and Pink Floyd's "Umma Gumma" LP, warped my young mind for good. (Thanks, Ole!)

Well, to be fair, a LOT of the music I listened to then was pretty warp-inducing. And I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for listening - Enjoy!

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