Song 35, August 29 - September 5, 2011

"Evil Brainz"

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"Evil Brainz" - song #35 - MP3 file

"Evil Brainz"

Length: 3:22

Track count: 6 tracks

Instrumentation: Korg Kaoss Pad 2, Voice through vintage mic into pitch shifter, Thrasher/MicroTheremin, Static, Alesis AirFX, Live's "Ecstacy" synth.

Pretty simple this week. I have been working like mad on the "Starman - Evil Brain From Outer Space" soundtrack, using the setup which I will bring into the Hollywood Theater for the show, and I made this song while I was rehearsing. I recorded the tracks as is, except the static track, which was a fluke that I cut into a rhythm pattern.

The beat is from the Kaoss Pad, played with my left index finger, through the AirFX, which I manipulated with my right hand. I used two gnarly little home-made synths I got on eBay, ran my voice through a guitar pitch pedal, laid in another synth track using the AIRFX, and played the final synth track using the QEWERTY keyboard.

Thanks for listening - Enjoy!

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