Song 36, September 5 - 12, 2011


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"Click" - song #36 - MP3 file


Length: 1:34

Track count: 7 tracks

Instrumentation: One digital click, Peak Pro 7

I was recording one of my old electronic instruments, and when I looked and listened back, the recording had a digital click in it - a glitch. This week's song is made entirely from this one tiny glitch. I took the click in Peak Pro and stretched it, pitched it - basically almost physically diving into this tiny artifact to see what worlds were in there. I was amazed at how much rich stuff could be found in this one small sound. But honestly, it looked better than it sounded, even - the screenshots below show that.

This is perhaps taking minimalism to an extreme. But extremes, within limits, can be appealing, as you probably already know. And it was an experiment. And now it's over. Next!

Thanks for listening - Enjoy!

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