Song 39, September 26 - October 3rd, 2011


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"Drift" - song #39 - MP3 file


Length: 3:37

Track count: 7 tracks

Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, synth, fake congas, field recording

This week, I started with three other concepts - each of which will find completion in weeks to come. And I also did a song for a client of a client, a video soundtrack, and lo, I grew fond of this song.

I submitted this song to my client to give to their clients. One of the client's clients loved the song, but the rest did not. They found it - and this is a direct quote - "a total snore." Well, that is their prerogative, of course. I hope they found their nap refreshing.

These things are subjective, as you know. I'm not claiming this is the most amazing dynamic rah-rah go-go song in the world, but it is sweet and heartfelt. (Although if it was not designed to go with visuals, it would be about a minute shorter.) In any case, gentle reader, I share it with you now.

Sweet dreams!

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