Song 41, October 10 - 17, 2011

"Mr. Clyde"

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"Mr. Clyde" - song #41 - MP3 file

"Mr. Clyde"

Length: 2:00

Track count: 12 tracks

Instrumentation: Garage Band synths, burp sample, Peak Pro, Live.

I made the bulk of this song during Christi Denton's "Making Music On The iPad" workshop, as part of Electrogals this week. I did most of it in about half an hour, using Garage Band synths, played on the iPad keyboard, drum machine manipulated in real time, and a burp sample - 7 tracks. I recorded it from the iPad into my field recorder the next day and got it into my laptop.

Over the next couple of days I tinkered with the song in Live, abstracting soloed tracks and editing, adding effects, etc. I added stuff to the intro and the end. 5 more tracks.

We're at Disjecta all week, and the main man of the house is Clyde, Bryan Sureth's awesome dog. The new Disjecta green-space is dedicated to Clyde, and now so is this week's song.



Paddy McPadderson

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