Song 43, October 24 - 31, 2011

"Extremely Quiet & Incredibly Far Away"

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"Extremely Quiet & Incredibly Far Away" - song #43 - MP3 file

"Extremely Quiet & Incredibly Far Away"

Length: 5:07

Track count: 7 tracks

Instrumentation: Field Recording of summer crickets and small ambient household noises, synthesizers, acoustic guitar

For this Halloween entry, I liked the idea of doing something with only small quiet sounds - things in the distance, familiar things gone a little off, or things that you can't quite put your finger on. Creating an environment that you cautiously step into, and are gently surprised - and maybe even a little disturbed - by. Evocative.

I started with a recording I made September 5th on my back porch at night. You can hear the sounds of quiet, far away crickets, and occasionally some small unidentifiable noises coming from inside the house. I brought the track slowly in and the out of some pretty extreme reverb as the song progresses. Then I created some quiet, howly and windy synthesizer patches using Live's Analog synthesizer, and played those in as sparsely as I could.

I was going to leave it at that, and not have much else happen, but I had my acoustic guitar plugged into the board from a client project, with the low E dropped to D. So I did some slow mournful guitar, and also did some tracks with me just quietly scratching and tapping the strings. With a ton of effects piled on, the guitar sounds sounded like they were across a dark canyon, or deep in the woods at night. Which was exactly what I wanted. Near the end of the track, you can hear me go inside and close the screen door. SpoooOOoooky!

As for the title - I admit it, I liked the idea of doing a song with the opposite of the book title "Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close." I haven't read that book, but I do love the title. And the opposite of that title fit what I was going for here.


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