Song 44, October 31 - Nov. 7th, 2011

"The Sounds Of Industry"

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"The Sounds Of Industry" - song #44 - MP3 file

"The Sounds Of Industry"

Length: 2:40

Track count: 16 tracks

Voices: Leah Hinchcliff, Heather Perkins, Mike Barber

Instrumentation: Tom Tom from kid's drum set, Thrift-store tambourine, Field Recording of earth-rammer, Live SFX. NOTE that there are some mild swear words in this song. You have been warned.

This song was made from the broken Tom Tom from a kid's drum set, a thrift store tambourine, and lots and lots of vocal outtakes and manipulations - most taken from recent voice over sessions I did, recording myself and my friends Leah Hinchcliff and Mike Barber in my vocal booth. There is also a series of earth rammer loops I recorded and mangled, just to confirm the "Industry" mood. But most of the sounds you hear in this are vocally derived. I also mangled a cowbell. MORE COWBELL!

There's really no way to describe the giddiness that overtakes you when you've been doing multiple voiceover sessions for hours on end. You stand stock still in a dark, sound-deadened booth in front of a lone microphone and repeat things over and over in different voices, obsessing over intonation, tone, volume and energy until the words you're reading make no sense at all.

Then, it gets even weirder. Things that are only kind of funny will seem very funny indeed. And things that are not really even remotely funny will suddenly become hilarious. It's like a deranged kind of verbal Stockholm Syndrome in the voice-over booth. The microphone is your friend! Talk to it! Tell it jokes! Sing to it! Everything is HILARIOUS! And if it's a friend of yours in that booth, and you're engineering the session just outside, well, things get very silly very quickly.

Editing gets pretty nutty too. When the talent leaves, and I sort through all the takes, ands I find a mistake in an otherwise perfect take - say, a "k" sound that got swallowed - I will go hunt for that tiny piece of audio, a perfect "k," and zoom in, copy and paste it to fix the mistake. (You can hear two tiny "k" sounds right near the very end of this song.)

There is really no easy way to convey this feeling in words. So, this song is an attempt to convey it in sound, using many many giddy out-takes from some recent voice over sessions - with the ticking clock always there, hovering. And, somewhere, there is pie.

OK. I have no idea why I said there is pie. It must be the booth-fatigue talking. But I think Freeman's Food & Furniture in Louisiana probably serves pie - don't you?

BONUS TRIVIA ROUND! Yep, I do math! I wanted to figure out some stuff about how to accurately do delay lines and cut samples of non-rhythmic material to make musical music at 96 beats per minute. This is why I am always so spaced out when you see me, people! This is how I live!Here are some of the factoids that occupy my time.

Bars @ 96 BPM - values in samples (ms)

@44.1KHz sampling rate

  • 1 bar = 110250 (2500)
  • 2 bars = 220500 (5000)


  • 1 Bar = 120000 (2500)
  • 2 Bars = 240000 (5000)

    Delay lines in ms

  • whole note - 2500
  • quarter - 625
  • eighth - 312.5
  • sixteenth - 156.25
  • dotted eighth - 468.75

    Yeah, it's geeky. Cuz that's how I roll. Enjoy!

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