Song 45, Nov. 7 - 14th, 2011

"The Doggie Door Of Delirium"

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"The Doggie Door Of Delirium" - song #45 - MP3 file

"The Doggie Door Of Delirium"

Length: 6:31

Track count: 18 tracks

Instrumentation: Korg Radias, Vocoder, Stratocaster, DL8 Delay, Vox Amp, Toilet.

I have been sick for the past 5 days with one of the nastiest stomach flus I've ever had. It was brutal. I was pasted to my bed for days. I could not get warm. My head was on fire. My eyelashes hurt. My eyebrows hurt. Every part of my body hurt. And suffice today that I am just now enjoying solid food again, and that the details of the "stomach" part of this bug are best left unspoken. No, let's not speak of it.

Anyway, the title and concept of this week's song were derived from this lovely experience. The title is a riff on that old prog rock classic "The Gates Of Delirium" by Yes (which clocks in at a svelte 21:54 by the way.) The "Doggie Door" part of the title is a tribute to my sweet pup Sally, who endured 4 days of lockdown sitting by my side until I was able to get her to the park. (Also, hello, alliteration!) And the sounds and feeling are my attempt at expressing delirium. Or at least the feeling of being really, really sick.

I decided to use the Radias, since it is such a monster synth - a truly feverish instrument. I recorded longer live performances on the Radias, changing the sounds in real time, and used almost no loops. And I was especially looking forward to making delirious noises with the vocoder.

Sharp eared listeners over the age of 40 will recognize a sound at the intro that is very much like the awesome bubbly synth breakdown in "Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter Group - The Radias has that as one of it's built-in sounds.

For the outro, I recorded a flushing toilet - because that was basically my soundtrack for the past 5 days.


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