Song 50, Dec. 12 - 19, 2011

"All I Want For Christmas Is A Helium Tank"

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"All I Want For Christmas Is A Helium Tank"- song #50 - MP3 file

"All I Want For Christmas Is A Helium Tank"

Length: 2:02

Track count: 14

Instrumentation: Chipmunks LP, vocals by Heather, Robyn and Townsend, beat box

Pure holiday silliness. I have always loved the Christmas Song from the 1961 "Christmas With The Chimpmunks" album - and it was also my first experience hearing someone manipulate tape speed to get pitch effects.

Anyway, for my holiday novelty song, I started out with the intro of that song, got Robyn and Townsend into the booth to do voices for the intro, then concocted a completely ludicrous Christmas rap that begins badly and then devolves into pure mayhem, as if Alvin had come in to "ironically" help me out.

It's silly. It's done. Enjoy.

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