Song 51, Dec. 19 - 26, 2011

"String Theory"

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"String Theory" - song #51 - MP3 file


Length: 3:15

Track count: 8 tracks

Instrumentation: Thor, Skanner & Live Software Synths, Korg Radias, Backwards Piano

I started and set aside no less than 3 different other songs this week. I didn't feel the time was right for any of them. But digging into my "possibilities" file, I found this sound - the pulse behind what you hear today. I have had this one sound in various folders and half finished songs for a couple of years at least. This is the week I finally figured out what to do with it. And off it went.

This developed over a few sessions this week - the one at PDX International Airport, sitting at a table waiting for as plane that was late, was where it really started to take shape. I wanted it to sound like the way you feel at the start of a new year - or at an airport, for that matter - a bit nostalgic and iffy, a "verging" mix of dark, tentative and hopeful. Looking back into what you remember, and forward into what you don't yet know. The reverse piano is what really made it work for me.

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